November 2014 Volume 38, Issue 11

We Are All Sea Turtles Now
Can the Olive ridley sea turtle survive human meddling?
Molly M. Ginty
Jim Crow at the Polling Place
New voter legislation is an unwelcome blast from the past.
Joel Bleifuss
The Next Oil Spill
According to a new documentary, we're all responsible for the BP disaster.
Patricia Aufderheide
The Filmmaker Any Cinema-Literate Progressive Must Know
Finally, more of Chris Marker's work is becoming available in the U.S. Here's where to start.
Michael Atkinson
Terkel’s Torch-Bearers
Meet the new generation of oral historians.
Theo Anderson
Obama’s Delay on Immigration: Shameful, But Savvy
Latinos won't tip the midterms. Anti-immigrant right-wingers might.
Achy Obejas
The Neo-Scramble for Africa
Our first black president's approach to Africa doesn't feel like a first.
Salim Muwakkil
Pulling the Plug on Corporate Personhood
Citizens United prompted cries for a constitutional amendment. But how to amend?
Rob Richie
The Black-Brown Alliance That’s Turning Kansas Blue
Why is Pat Roberts running for his life in the Kochs' home state? Ask community organizers.
Sam Ross-Brown
New Deal, Same Spiel
Ken Burns' documentary about the Roosevelts is heavy on fable but light on fact.
Chris Lehmann
The Pandemic We Are Ignoring
A possible cure for hep-C comes at a great cost to the sick.
Terry J. Allen
The Poor Don’t Need Pity
In a new book, Linda Tirado elaborates on her viral essay, 'Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, Poverty Thoughts.'
Joanna Scutts
Scotland: Why One Londoner Is Relieved
It's lucky for U.K. progressives that the Scots didn't secede.
Jane Miller

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