December 2014 Volume 38, Issue 12

Is Gentrification Inevitable?
Some activists are trying to beat back the tide of the market.
Yana Kunichoff
Drug Shills Dispensing Pills
A psychiatrist questions Big Pharma's influence on her profession.
Jean Kim
Baltimore Teens Take Out the Trash
Youth battle a waste incinerator.
Bruce Vail
Vampire Princess of Persia
Not your kid sister's vampire flick.
Michael Atkinson
Let Old Labor Die
With union membership declining, Tom Geoghegan has a radical prescription for labor.
Jeremy Gantz
On the Death of a Spouse
Karl has died.
Jane Miller
Football: Nothing Left to Cheer For
How can fans respond to the rash of brutality on and off the field?
Susan J. Douglas
The Reporter Who Paid a High Price for ‘Contra Crack’
A new film, Kill the Messenger, shows how the CIA, the Washington Post and the LA Times conspired to discredit a journalist, and destroyed a life.
Jim Naureckas
InvestigationGoodman Institute
Fracking the Poor
A 5-month investigation reveals that fracking operations in California are disproportionately concentrated in poor communities of color—and may be causing alarming health effects.
Hannah Guzik
Ferguson’s ISIS Allies?
Despite what right-wing media may tell you, ISIS has little in common with black Muslims--or black Americans.
Salim Muwakkil
The Lesson from the Midterms: Elizabeth Warren Should Run in 2016
After the pity party’s through, let’s get organized.
Joel Bleifuss

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