June 2016 Volume 40, Issue 06

A French Take on John Wayne
When a French family tries to hold on to the past, it doesn't end well.
Michael Atkinson
The Case Against Using the GDP as a Measure of Economic Health
The GDP has always been a bitterly contested yardstick, explains Ehsan Masood in a new history.
Chris Lehmann
These Online Platforms Make Direct Democracy Possible
New platforms are bringing power to the people.
Tom Ladendorf
When Two Choices for President Aren’t Enough
To address voter apathy, we need a new system
Joel Bleifuss
The Fight for Public Control of Land in the Bronx
Residents' last-ditch attempt to keep out a polluting trucking hub.
Raven Rakia
The Ship Breakers
Working the maritime graveyard shift
Peter Wieben
InvestigationGoodman Institute
The Secret History of Superdelegates
In July, 712 Democratic officials will decide the nomination—just as the party planned it.
Branko Marcetic
Cuts for the Poor, Tax Havens for the Rich
The Panama Papers expose the hypocrisy of England's oligarchs.
Jane Miller
Jane Austen, Class Warrior
Most Austen adaptations are little more than 'buttoned-up, tea-drinking porn.' But Whit Stillman's new film 'Love & Friendship' foregrounds Austen's sharp observations on social mobility.
Eileen Jones
Is Bernie Sanders Right That It’s Time to Phase Out Nuclear Energy?
30 years after Chernobyl, some say we need nuclear power to stop climate change.
Will Boisvert and Jim Riccio
Ted Cruz’s ‘Lucifer’ Problem
If no Senators, Republican or Democrat, like Ted Cruz, why should American voters?
Susan J. Douglas
Hillary Clinton and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
Do young people oppose Clinton because they're sexist—or because they're looking for something more in politics?
Theo Anderson

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