July 2016 Volume 40, Issue 07

Making Green Jobs Good Jobs
Unions organize the clean energy sector.
Kate Aronoff
Shuffling Off the Mortal Coil
On the passing of my friend, Daniel Aaron.
Jane Miller
Banning the Box is Not Nearly Enough
For those who have been incarcerated, punishment doesn’t end with prison.
Lewis M. Steel
In Gaza, the Drones Never Sleep
Atef Abu Saif's wartime diaries offer a chilling voice of witness from Israel's 50-day bombardment of Palestine during Operation Protective Edge.
Nancy Kricorian
Sex, Violence and Unions
Workers in porn and wrestling face similar obstacles to effective labor organizing—and may need to work together.
Jetta Rae
Capitalism’s Favorite Show
Undercover Boss is a mirage.
Michael Terry
Requiem for an American Dream
Between fiction and reality in rural Louisiana.
Michael Atkinson
You Don’t Have to Like Hillary Clinton—But Sexist Attacks On Her Supporters Are Shameful
The gendered attacks against Clinton and her supporters must come to an end.
Susan J. Douglas
The View From Today’s Versailles
A new book by Michelle Fields, former Breitbart reporter, rightly skewers our political class—but suffers from a case of hypocrisy
Chris Lehmann
Bernie Has Every Right To Raise Hell at the Democratic Convention
As wise man once said, “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle."
Joel Bleifuss

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