June 2019 Volume 43, Issue 06

Donald Trump’s Path to Victory
This is how the GOP plans to re-elect Trump in 2020.
Joel Bleifuss
The Short Case for Making College Free and a Universal Right
After years of cuts, it's time to make the pursuit of knowledge a right for all.
In These Times Editors
InvestigationGoodman Institute
Here’s Exactly Who’s Profiting from the War on Yemen
And how the U.S. could stop weapon sales if it wanted to.
Alex Kane
We Talked with the New Hampshire Family in Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income Experiment
The $1,000/month from Yang has changed the Fassis' lives in small ways—and kindled their imaginations.
Andrew Schwartz
Write Black Americans a Check Already
Direct payments to individuals are an important piece of any reparations program.
William Darity Jr. and Kirsten Mullen
Universal Programs, Not Reparations, Are Needed To Counter Racism’s Effects
The racial wealth gap is real and pernicious, but reparations are not the answer.
Zaid Jilani and Leighton Woodhouse
The 2020 Candidates Are Dodging the Reparations Question
Here's what they get wrong, and how to get it right.
Janaé Bonsu
Arsonists Torched Highlander’s Main Office. But You Can’t Burn Down an Idea.
Labor, civil rights and social justice activists have trained at the historic Highlander Research and Education Center for generations.
Gary Stevenson
Stop & Shop Workers Vote to Ratify Contract—Although Benefits Will Shrink for New Part-Timers
The new 3-year contract with Stop & Shop protects some benefits for current employees, but also contains a two-tiered system.
Jeremy Gantz
Make Elizabeth Warren Hate Again
We don't just need Elizabeth Warren's ideas. We need her rage.
Moe Tkacik
We Desperately Need Medicare for All. These 10 Statistics Prove It.
As the House Rules Committee officially begins discussing Medicare for All, here’s a reminder of the disastrous state of American healthcare.
In These Times Staff
Vermonters Marched 65 Miles for Climate Justice
Vermont could become the first state to ban future fossil fuel infrastructure
Olivia Box
This Isn’t The First Time William Barr Has Sought to Hide Information From the Public
We’ve been on to Barr since 1992.
Joel Bleifuss

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