July 2019 Volume 43, Issue 07

Meet the Woman Who’s Fought Racism in the Mississippi Delta for 54 Years
The days of racist policymaking are far from over. But where the state has refused to invest in Black communities, We2gether Creating Change is filling the gap.
Eli Day
We Can’t Settle for Less Than Single Payer
25 years ago, ITT's staff was divided about Clinton's healthcare plan. This time around there's no question.
Joel Bleifuss
The Climate Crisis Is Mind-Boggling. That’s Why We Need Science Fiction.
Only 29% of Americans report being “very worried” about the climate crisis. Climate fiction writers can help change that.
Amy Brady
Yes, A Woman Can Beat Trump
Democrats have learned all the wrong lessons from the 2016 election.
Kathleen Geier
Trump’s EPA Has a Monsanto Problem
The EPA is meant to protect us. Instead, it's been captured by industry.
Joel Bleifuss
Sick of Hearing About Electability? It Will Take Organizing To Expand Our Political Imagination.
To overcome the insistent messaging of the corporate media and Democratic establishment, we need grassroots people power.
Malaika Jabali
“Electability” Is Astrology for Pundits
Expert predictions often represent little more than calcified prejudice.
Jonathan Cohn
InvestigationGoodman Institute
Jeff Bezos’s Corporate Takeover of Our Lives
How Amazon’s relentless pursuit of profit is squeezing us all—and what we can do about it
David Dayen
Why We Should All Be Using the Framework of Reproductive Justice
Amid widespread attacks on bodily autonomy, an intersectional approach can help guide our response.
In These Times Editors
Rashida Tlaib May Be Under Attack By the Right, But She’s Beloved in Her District
In These Times spent a day with Tlaib in Detroit.
Valerie Vande Panne
Young Democrats Are Furious Over the DCCC’s Blacklist Punishing Insurgents
At a time of rising energy on the Democrats' left flank, the DCCC is giving a crash course in how to alienate young progressives.
Branko Marcetic
It’s Not Progressive To Fund Medicare for All by Agreeing to a Bloated Military
House Progressives tried to tie funding for bold social programs to the military budget, dollar for dollar. That's timid and wrongheaded.
Sarah Lazare

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