May 2020 Volume 44, Issue 05

This Is a Health Crisis—Stop Treating It Like a War
Even by his standards, Trump is a terrible wartime president
Joel Bleifuss
What Today’s Socialists Can Learn From the Heyday of American Communism
A 43-year-old classic text of Communist history has been rereleased this month. Young democratic socialists should dig in.
Micah Uetricht
As a Domestic Violence Survivor, I Don’t Always Feel Safer at Home
Shelter in place orders can remind those of us with C-PTSD of past times we were trapped.
Anna Joy Springer
Why Alaska Native Villages Were Quick To Self-Isolate
Scarred by a legacy of colonial diseases, Alaska tribes quickly cut off the outside world.
Yereth Rosen
Under Trump, Undocumented Immigrants With COVID-19 Are Being Denied Care
For immigrants, the coronavirus crisis is becoming a nightmare.
Sabrina Gunter
InvestigationGoodman Institute
Is Building Missiles ‘Essential’? The U.S. Government Thinks So.
Some workers in the defense industry question why they're required to stay on the job, and many are worried about safety.
Taylor Barnes
How Disabled Activists Are Fighting Isolation, Collectively
In the Bay Area, mutual aid projects are helping build community in a time of social distancing.
Brooke Anderson
Corporate America Fleeced Us Again
The coronavirus bill is an orgy of corporate welfare that rivals the 2008 bailout.
Moe Tkacik

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