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Joseph Sorrentino is a writer and photographer. He has been documenting the lives of agricultural workers on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border for 12 years.
Uranium Mine and Mill Workers are Dying, and Nobody Will Take Responsibility
In the Southwest, poisoned uranium workers are still seeking justice
The Refugee Crisis No One’s Talking About
The Central American refugee crisis is just as large and urgent as the Syrian refugee crisis. Why are we ignoring it?
When Detained Immigrant Children Got Adult Dose of Hep A Vaccine, Mothers Objected, To No Avail
250 children at the Dilley, Texas, detention center were improperly vaccinated, even when mothers showed proof of prior vaccinations
ICE May Be Forced to Cease Inhumane Family Detention; Migrant Advocates Cheer Court Ruling
A California judge affirmed that it's illegal to detain children—and ordered their mothers released, too
N.M. Field and Dairy Laborers Win Right To Workers’ Comp—Court Calls Exemption ‘Absurd’
How the U.S. ‘Solved’ the Central American Migrant Crisis
By getting Mexico to do its dirty work—and making tens of thousands of migrants more vulnerable to rape, kidnapping, extortion and murder.
PHOTO-ESSAY: Caravan of the Mutilated
Having lost limbs on the dangerous trip across Mexico, 13 Hondurans sought an audience with President Obama—but are instead facing deportation.
Social Security Doesn’t Come To All Who Paid
Farmworkers find their employers pocketed their Social Security payments—rendering them ineligible for benefits.
The One Thing Worse Than Big Dairy’s Abuse of Cows? Its Abuse of Workers.
While the dairy industry's cruel treatment of cows has been well documented, workers face vile and often dangerous conditions.
The Uphill Battle Against Wage Theft in New Mexico’s Chile Fields
Don’t Celebrate Yet: Warning Letter Didn’t Halt Wage Theft in New Mexico Fields
A Victory for New Mexico’s Chileros
Farmers must pay chile pickers 25 cents more per hour, state says.
New Mexico’s Badlands
In low-income colonias, the state's unregulated real-estate market allows predators to thrive.
Stealing Pennies from Chileros
Green chiles are a hot commodity, but the fields are overgrown with wage theft.
All Work, No Pay
Fear in the Fields
For sexual harassers, undocumented farmworkers make the 'perfect victims.'
The Patrons of Veracruz
The women of La Patrona provide sustenance for migrants making a wearying train-top journey across Mexico.