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July 2013 Volume 37, Issue 07

Hate Bait
The new Andrew Breitbart doc: for the perversely fascinated only.
Chris Faraone
Geoengineers Gone Wild
Techno-entrepreneurs are funding sci-fi solutions to global warming.
Anthony Mangini
Food Fight: Feminists and Femivores
Is slow food about politics, privilege, or oppression?
Rebecca Burns
In Defense of Dessert: The Case Against Austerity
Why cutting down doesn't pay off.
Chris Lehmann
Really Bright Ideas
Britain's coalition government inflicts creative 'reforms' upon its people.
Jane Miller
Starving for Justice at Gitmo
Is force-feeding a form of torture?
Terry J. Allen
Tel Aviv Rorschach
The Attack, a tasteful thriller about a Palestinian suicide bombing, will please both sides of the divide. And that's its problem.
Michael Atkinson
GOP: Masters of Media
As the GOP slashes the social safety net, the party seizes on 'scandals' to distract the public.
Susan J. Douglas
‘The Colorado Model’
Voting just got easier in Colorado.
Theo Anderson
Our Iron Curtain
The 'border security' provisions of the new immigration bill solve a problem that isn't.
Achy Obejas
Buycott Koch
A new smartphone app lets users put their money where their principles are.
Patrick James Drennan
Aloha, Workers’ Rights!
Hawaii is poised to become the second state in the nation to protect the rights of domestic workers.
Luke Brinker
Obama’s SEC Cop-Out
The new chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission is fresh off Wall Street.
Joel Bleifuss
Mad Professors
The adjuncts are at the barricades.
Rebecca Burns

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