January 2015 Volume 39, Issue 01

Drowning Cajun Country
Will the eaters of étouffée disappear along with the Louisiana bayou?
Kendra Pierre-Louis
Slacking Workers of the World Unite
We've made an art of wasting time at work. But to what end?
Lindsay Beyerstein
It’s Not the Koran, It’s Us
The corporate media chorus willfully ignores that U.S. actions, not Islam, fuel jihadism.
Leonard C. Goodman
The 1950s: You Had To Be There
Post-WWII America was more complicated than we remember.
Jane Miller
We Forgot To End Poverty
Poverty remains at record highs. Is that because welfare reform failed, or because it succeeded all too well?
Chris Rhomberg
A New Strategy To Make the Banks Pay
Youngstown, Ohio, may have found the cure to the national plague of abandoned properties.
Laura Gottesdiener
Should We Oppose the Intervention Against ISIS?
Most U.S. leftists say yes. But voices we rarely hear—Kurds and members of the Syrian opposition—have more ambiguous views.
Danny Postel
Brother, Can You Spare a Euro?
By posing the choice between a coworker's job and 1,000 Euros, Two Days, One Night explores the state of worker solidarity.
Michael Atkinson
From Occupy to Ferguson
The two movements are more connected than you think.
Jessica Stites
We Can’t All Just Get Along
In our era of polarization, one party is guiltier than the other.
Susan J. Douglas
U.S. Youth Take Police Violence Charges to the UN Committee Against Torture
A new generation globalizes the struggle.
Salim Muwakkil
Reports from Inside First Look Media Suggest That Maybe Silicon Valley Shouldn’t Manage Journalists
Feverish speculation surrounds First Look's recent troubles. But perhaps the most obvious culprit is its reliance on truckloads of tech money.
Chris Lehmann
For the Majority of Undocumented Immigrants Who Remain in the Shadows, Churches Offer Sanctuary
6 million undocumented immigrants won’t receive relief under Obama’s executive action. Some churches are providing them with hope.
Kevin Solari

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