February 2015 Volume 39, Issue 02

Labour Pains
There’s a U.K. General Election in May and I don’t know how to vote.
Jane Miller
The Barriers to Black-Brown Unity
Can Chicago's black and brown communities come together to elect a new mayor?
Salim Muwakkil
Cuba’s Performance Problem
Havana closes down an open mic.
Coco Fusco
The Women Behind Black Lives Matter
The 'leaderless' movement is being propelled by the efforts of women of color.
Kendra Pierre-Louis
Community College in the Crosshairs
Even as Obama is calling for free community college, California's landmark system is under attack by accreditors allied with ALEC and for-profit schools.
Rebecca Burns
Police Body Cams: Solution or Scam?
Debating the technophiles’ favorite fix for police violence
Osita Nwanevu
The War on Billie Holiday
The Bureau of Narcotics' strange obsession
Johann Hari
Portrait of the Artist as a Dying Class
Scott Timberg argues that we've lost the scaffolding of middle-class jobs—record-store clerk, critic, roadie—that made creative scenes thrive.
Joanna Scutts
The New Cuba: Capitalism with a Socialist Face?
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is delighted that Obama normalized relations with Cuba.
Joel Bleifuss
American Sniper: Guns, God and Gallons of Testo’
Clint Eastwood treats Iraq like Iwo Jima. Will Americans really go for this horseshit?
Michael Atkinson
Why Cuba, Why Now?
The 5 likeliest reasons behind Obama's surprise move to reverse a 53-year-old policy.
Achy Obejas
Land of the Free and Home of the Enhanced Interrogators
We need a truth and reconciliation commission to deal with our torture problem.
Chris Lehmann

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