February 2016 Volume 40, Issue 02

2,054 Days of Solitary Confinement
A punishment that's cruel, but not unusual
Five Mualimm-Ak
Rewriting the Progressive Playbook
To counter the resurgent Right, Wisconsin progressives are thinking big
Joel Bleifuss
Scattering Karl’s Ashes
Learning to accept the inevitable
Jane Miller
Is ‘Female Viagra’ Feminist?
A new drug divides the women’s health movement
Molly M. Ginty
Forget Techno-Optimism: We Can’t Innovate Our Way Out of Inequality
Hillary Clinton's former 'senior advisor for innovation' sees our Uber-ized future through rose-colored glasses
Chris Lehmann
The Group of Artists That’s Winning Fair Pay By Targeting Nonprofits
Organizing artists can be like herding cats. That hasn't stopped WAGE from fighting for fair pay for art.
Tom Ladendorf
The Bizarre Experience of Agreeing with Trump
It's no coincidence that Trump, the candidate least in need of money or media attention, is the most outspoken against war.
Leonard C. Goodman
Tech Could Mean the End of Capitalism. But What Comes Next?
Paul Mason, ardent critic of neoliberalism, sees a new epoch ahead
Peter C. Grosvenor
How Donald Trump Hopes to John Wayne His Way Into the White House
Why the American Hero trope is so dangerous
Susan J. Douglas
The Newspaper That Transformed Black America—And The Course of History
How an ambitious migrant came to Chicago and changed history with the power of journalism
Salim Muwakkil
New York’s ‘Carwasheros’ Push for Safer, Fairer Workplaces
Car washes are the 'wild, wild West" of workplace regulation. The Car Wash Accountability Act will improve that—if it is ever implemented
Jean Stevens
Bernie Sanders’ Election Would Mean the End of ‘Too Big To Fail’ on Wall Street
Why have the power players of the Democratic Party allowed this to continue?
Larry Cohen
You Probably Haven’t Seen the Ten Best Films of 2015
They're obscure, they're poorly distributed—but you can track them down. It will be worth it.
Michael Atkinson

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