January 2017 Volume 41, Issue 01

To Protect Abortion Rights, Progressives Need to Think Big
The fight for reproductive justice is about to get harder, and now is no time for complacency.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Why We Need a New Left Internationalism
Neither neoliberal globalization nor populist isolationism offers a workable path forward.
Leon Fink
“Identity Politics” Takes a Hit
After the election, many on the Black Left are once again grappling with the "race vs. class" debate.
Salim Muwakkil
A Deal with the Orange Devil? Progressives Debate Whether to Seek Common Ground With Trump
The president-elect says he wants a jobs-creating infrastructure bill—should Democrats help make it happen?
John Feffer and Max Sawicky
Donald Trump’s Plans Are Incredibly Unpopular
The president-elect is missing a mandate in more ways than one.
Susan J. Douglas
How Colleges and Universities Are Defying Trump
The student campaign to make schools into sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants.
Kate Aronoff
Democratic Elites Are Uneasy With Keith Ellison. That Is Exactly Why He Should Be Head of the DNC.
The Democratic Party must be rebuilt—from the bottom up.
Joel Bleifuss
The High Priest of the Church of Trump
How Stephen Bannon is using evangelical narratives to spread the gospel of Trumpism.
Theo Anderson
The First Hippies
The new book Rebel Crossings showcases a small band of feminist utopians who came to America to try something new.
Jane Miller
CNN’s New Book Is a Master Class in How Not to Cover an Election
The news network's instant retrospective on the Trump-Clinton race is as vacuous as their initial coverage was.
Chris Lehmann
The Android Manifesto: Finding Marx in Westworld
The HBO drama is a surprisingly astute tale of alienated labor and false consciousness.
Eileen Jones
Dissident-Poet on the Lam: A New Film Captures Pablo Neruda’s Year as a Fugitive
Pablo Larrain's Neruda follows the love-poet-cum-Communist-dissident in a cat-and-mouse chase with the Chilean government.
Michael Atkinson

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