December 2016 Volume 40, Issue 12

This Christmas, Go See a German Comedy About Consulting. No, Really.
Filmmaker Maren Ade's Toni Erdmann takes a wise and whimsical look at the struggles women face in the corporate world.
Michael Atkinson
InvestigationGoodman Institute
At Angola Prison, Getting Sick Can Be a Death Sentence
A 6-month investigation into the largest maximum-security state prison in the country.
Katie Rose Quandt and James Ridgeway
The Problem With Cancer Memoirs
Popular accounts ignore the underlying race and class dynamics that determine vulnerability to the disease.
Margaret Garb
The Fight For Free College Moves to the States
How student organizers and a state representative are campaigning to eliminate tuition in Illinois.
Jeff Schuhrke
Sci-Fi Iraq: Authors Envision Their Country in 2103, a Century After the U.S. Invasion
In a new collection, Iraqi writers explore their nation's future, and ridicule their former occupiers.
M. Lynx Qualey
Brexit, Trump and What We’ve Failed To Learn From the 1930s
Perhaps dark undercurrents rest beneath every society, waiting for a depression or a demagogue to unleash them.
Jane Miller
Why Fair Scheduling Could Be Labor’s Next Big Fight
A series of citywide ordinances are taking aim at erratic and unpredictable scheduling.
Jonathan Timm
Thomas Friedman’s Latest Book Is a Tour Through His Troubled, Neoliberal Mind
We read 500 pages of corporate platitudes and ungainly metaphor so you don't have to.
Chris Lehmann

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