February 2017 Volume 41, Issue 02

Meet the Folkestones
A small British town that voted for Brexit.
Jane Miller
Voting Doesn’t Have To Be Winner-Take-All
To get people engaged in politics, we need an electoral system based on proportional representation.
Joel Bleifuss
Neoliberalism, Cranked up to 11
Jonathan Coe's Number 11 offers a bleak portrait of what Britain has become.
Chris Lehmann
With Donald Trump as President, Americans Are Flocking to Socialism
Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has surged since the election.
Kate Aronoff
The GOP’s Healthcare Plans Have Awakened the Wrath of a Powerful Constituency: Older Americans
Baby boomers won't take cuts to Medicare and Social Security without a fight.
Susan J. Douglas
State of Rebellion: How California Is Taking on the Trump Administration
On immigration and other issues, the state's legislature has signaled it does not intend to cooperate with the new president.
Hannah Guzik
Does the Left Bear Any Blame for Donald Trump?
The role of progressives in the 2016 election.
James Thindwa and Kathleen Geier
Reflections on Barack Obama: A Great and Disappointing President
Hope, change and the limits of the office.
Salim Muwakkil
What We Can Learn From the Pacifist Movement Against World War I
Although they failed to keep us out of the war, they organized effectively in conditions frighteningly similar to our own.
Theo Anderson
Diane Ravitch: Trump’s Nominee for Secretary of Education Could Gut Public Ed
Billionaire Betsy DeVos will be great for private, religious and charter schools—and bad news for students and teachers.
Diane Ravitch
We Hunted Down the 10 Best Films of 2016
From the Iranian mystery Fireworks Wednesday to the German black comedy Toni Erdmann, this year's stand-out films were far off the beaten path.
Michael Atkinson

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