Natal­ie Shure is a Los Ange­les-based writer and researcher whose work focus­es on his­to­ry, health, and politics.
Her writing has appeared in many publications, including The Nation, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, Jacobin and the Los Angeles Times. She is the Head of Research for Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV.
Joe Biden Kamala Harris
Now Comes the Difficult Work of Pushing the Biden-Harris Ticket Left
If Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris is a “weather vane,” then it’s up to progressives to change the weather.
What’s Missing From the Biden-Bernie Task Force Plan? Medicare for All.
The recommendations are an improvement on Biden's previous healthcare plans, but a public option won't cut it. We need free, universal coverage.
Don’t Shame Protesters and Park-Goers Over Covid-19 Spreading—Shame Corporations and the State
While demonstrators have been blamed for potentially endangering the public, the real danger lies elsewhere.
The Democrats’ COBRA Proposal Is an Insurance Industry Bailout
We keep handing more money to the very for-profit insurance industry that is failing us.
While Mainstream Democrats Fumble, Bernie Sanders Is Modeling a Serious Response to Coronavirus
Democrats make a huge mistake by shying away from a robust material response to the crisis.
Austerity Could Make the U.S. Coronavirus Outbreak So Much Worse
The lack of investment in public health, a robust social safety net or universal healthcare system all make the U.S. especially vulnerable to the fast-spreading disease.
How the DCCC’s “Blacklist” Could Blow Up in the Democratic Establishment’s Face
The attacks on the party’s left flank might be backfiring. Just look at Marie Newman’s primary challenge to Dan Lipinski.
We Have a Dental Care Crisis. Medicare for All Could Solve It.
Guaranteed dental coverage would finally put an end to the deep inequities in U.S. oral health.
Of Course Undocumented People Should Have Guaranteed Healthcare. NYC Is Making It a Reality.
New York City's universal healthcare plan is setting an important new standard for health policy in the United States.
Why Are These Labor Unions Opposing Medicare for All?
The Real Lesson from the Downfall of Theranos: We Need to Nationalize the Healthcare System
Tech startups will never be the answer to the healthcare crisis—their business model is opposed to making care equitable and accessible.