Black Lives Matter

Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Can Be Deadly, But the U.S. Won’t Regulate Police Use
Despite widespread use, chemical agents sold for police purposes aren't monitored by any federal agency.
Terry J. Allen
“We Actually Cannot Reform This Department”: A Minneapolis Councilor on the Need to Disband Police
In an interview, Minneapolis Council Member Steve Fletcher explains why his city is moving to dismantle its police department—and what lessons other cities can take.
Michael Arria
The National Guard Crushes Protests Just Like the Military Does
Democratic mayors and governors who oppose Trump's threat to send in the military should take their own advice and end National Guard deployments.
Sarah Lazare
In Big Cities, It’s Democrats Who Have Poured Money Into Policing
Democratic mayors of Los Angeles, New York and Minneapolis have treated bloated police budgets as sacrosanct.
Sonali Kolhatkar / Independent Media Institute
In Minneapolis, Cops Were Kicked Out of Schools. Cities in 7 Other States Could Soon Follow Suit.
Activists around the country are rallying for #PoliceFreeSchools.
Indigo Olivier
Tear Gas Is Banned in International Warfare––Why Are Police Using It On U.S. Civilians?
Police say they're using tear gas to clear crowds, but the chemical agent's effects can cause long-term physical damage.
Janea Wilson
The “Outside Agitator” Is a Myth Used to Weaken Protest Movements
Whenever mass protests of any kind kick off, defenders of the status quo immediately accuse protesters as being duped by “outside agitators.” Don’t fall for it.
Glenn Houlihan
The Focus on Looting Shows How Our Systems of Power Value Capital Over Human Lives
Rather than indicting the racist police murder of George Floyd and other black Americans, our leaders are up in arms over protests and property destruction. That’s the twisted logic of U.S. capitalism.
Eli Day
Amid Minneapolis Uprising, Anti-War Veterans Call On National Guard to Stand Down
"We urge you to have the courage to do the right thing. Refuse activation orders."
Sarah Lazare
The Decade That Put Capitalism On Trial
How the 2008 financial crisis kicked off a new age of dissent
Astra Taylor
Black Women, Let Your Anger Out
Chronic stress is killing us. We can’t keep repressing our rage.
Joshunda Sanders
Black Lives Matter. Do Elections?
Barbara Ransby profiles today’s Black freedom fighters, who are posing sophisticated new answers to old Left questions—like how to engage in electoral politics.
Frances Fox Piven
Native Americans Scored Big Election Wins in Washington State and Beyond
On Tuesday, Puyallup tribe members celebrated a landmark police accountability initiative, as well as Native victories nationwide.
Stephanie Woodard
An Open Letter To Andrew Cuomo: Now Will You Keep Your Clemency Promises?
Despite big talk, in eight years, the governor has freed exactly one domestic violence survivor from prison.
Cook County Jail Is on Lockdown Over Van Dyke Verdict—And Activists Are Furious
“These people are being punished because a cop is going to jail? It doesn’t make sense," says activist Hesna Bokoum.
Sarah Lazare
‘This Is Historic’: Why the Van Dyke Guilty Verdict Is a Victory For the Movement For Black Lives
In an interview, Black Lives Matter organizer Aislinn Pulley explains why she sees the verdict as a step toward dismantling the systems of racist policing and economic inequality that have defined Chicago for decades.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
The Inside-Outside Approach to Bernie 2020
Endorse, but play the long game.
Peter Frase
With Rahm Out, Chicago’s Black Youth Demand Mayoral Candidates Side With Communities—Not Police
A community survey says residents don’t want a police academy on Chicago’s West Side. Six mayoral candidates weigh in.
Isabel Bloom
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