Black Lives Matter

Black People Own Less of the U.S. than 100 Years Ago. A ‘Black Commons’ Could Help Reverse the Trend
Julian Agyeman and Kofi Boone
They Came to Support People Getting Out of Jail. Then They Were Attacked By Police.
Jail support outfits have not been spared police backlash.
Elizabeth King
Telling Cops to Get Criminal Justice Degrees Won’t End Police Violence
The field of criminal justice is itself part of the problem.
Ash Stephens
Your White Neighbor’s “Black Lives Matter” Yard Sign Is Not Enough
Being anti-racist means making places safe for Black people to inhabit. Without that, BLM yard signs are just performative allyship.
Shayla Lawson
Derek Chauvin and Amy Cooper Are One and The Same
Bogus allegations waged by white women are just as dangerous as police brutality—and come from the same callous privilege.
Chandra Thomas Whitfield
In U.S. Counties Where Lynchings Were Prevalent, Police Are More Likely to Shoot Black People
Areas with higher numbers of lynchings from 1877 to 1950 have more officer-involved shootings of Black Americans today.
Jhacova Williams and Carl Romer
The Long List of Names That Came Before Breonna Taylor and George Floyd
Samuel Williams. Tyisha Miller. Amadou Diallo. Eric Garner. I've reported their names for decades. This time feels different.
Salim Muwakkil
How Our Bloated Military Strengthens the Police State
The violent U.S. domination of people of color overseas is inextricably linked to the oppression of people of color at home.
Shireen Al-Adeimi and Sarah Lazare
Beware of Police “Reforms” That Reinforce the Very System Killing Us
We can’t fix the problem by investing more resources in police. We must defund and disband.
Janaé Bonsu
Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Can Be Deadly, But the U.S. Won’t Regulate Police Use
Despite widespread use, chemical agents sold for police purposes aren't monitored by any federal agency.
Terry J. Allen
“We Actually Cannot Reform This Department”: A Minneapolis Councilor on the Need to Disband Police
In an interview, Minneapolis Council Member Steve Fletcher explains why his city is moving to dismantle its police department—and what lessons other cities can take.
Michael Arria
The National Guard Crushes Protests Just Like the Military Does
Democratic mayors and governors who oppose Trump's threat to send in the military should take their own advice and end National Guard deployments.
Sarah Lazare
In Big Cities, It’s Democrats Who Have Poured Money Into Policing
Democratic mayors of Los Angeles, New York and Minneapolis have treated bloated police budgets as sacrosanct.
Sonali Kolhatkar / Independent Media Institute
In Minneapolis, Cops Were Kicked Out of Schools. Cities in 7 Other States Could Soon Follow Suit.
Activists around the country are rallying for #PoliceFreeSchools.
Indigo Olivier
Tear Gas Is Banned in International Warfare––Why Are Police Using It On U.S. Civilians?
Police say they're using tear gas to clear crowds, but the chemical agent's effects can cause long-term physical damage.
Janea Wilson
The “Outside Agitator” Is a Myth Used to Weaken Protest Movements
Whenever mass protests of any kind kick off, defenders of the status quo immediately accuse protesters as being duped by “outside agitators.” Don’t fall for it.
Glenn Houlihan
The Focus on Looting Shows How Our Systems of Power Value Capital Over Human Lives
Rather than indicting the racist police murder of George Floyd and other black Americans, our leaders are up in arms over protests and property destruction. That’s the twisted logic of U.S. capitalism.
Eli Day
Amid Minneapolis Uprising, Anti-War Veterans Call On National Guard to Stand Down
"We urge you to have the courage to do the right thing. Refuse activation orders."
Sarah Lazare
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