Black Lives Matter

Resister’s Digest: Bringing Single-Payer Healthcare to Life
Single-payer healthcare is back in play after Trumpcare went down in flames.
Theo Anderson
Trump and the GOP Want to Make It Even Easier for Police to Get Military Gear
Should police get rifles, riot gear and armored vehicles from the Pentagon? The nation's largest police union thinks so—and it has the ear of the Trump administration.
Seth Kershner
Interviews for Resistance: “It Is Just Open Season Now” on Undocumented Immigrants
A longtime organizer talks about the brutal intersection of being black and undocumented.
Sarah Jaffe
Trump’s Crackdown on Dissent Begins: More Than 200 Inauguration Protesters Hit With Felony Charges
Protesters face up to 10 years in prison.
Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
Yes, Trump Is President. We Can’t Compromise in the Fight Against Criminalization.
We can't leave survivor-defendants, like Bresha Meadows and others, behind.
Alisa Bierria & Mariame Kaba, #SurvivedAndPunished
DOJ: To Address “Defective” Accountability System, Chicago Must Renegotiate Police Union Contracts
The DOJ's damning report found a pattern of racism and unreasonable force, and that contract provisions hinder investigations.
Adeshina Emmanuel
Interviews for Resistance: Mariame Kaba on Why the Time To Push for Single-Payer Is Now
The longtime organizer on how we can unite across difference to agitate for real progress under Trump—and push the Democrats left in the process.
Sarah Jaffe
Under Trump, Racial Justice Activists Must Seek Solutions Outside the State
Trump has promised to crack down on dissent, but the Movement for Black Lives must still grow stronger.
Asha Ransby-Sporn
America Needs a Network of Rebel Cities to Stand Up to Trump
With Trump in the White House and GOP majorities in the House and Senate, we must look to cities to protect civil liberties and build progressive alternatives from the bottom up.
Kate Shea Baird and Steve Hughes
An Indigenous Organizer at Standing Rock Speaks on Police Repression, Climate Chaos and Donald Trump
The water protectors at Standing Rock are still defiant in opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Dayton Martindale
Jeff Sessions Is Trump’s Nominee to Head the DOJ. Is Police Reform Doomed?
Trump's DOJ could halt federal efforts to reform police departments, but activists vow to continue the fight at the local level.
Adeshina Emmanuel
Police Are Still Getting Surplus Army Gear—and They’re Using it to Crack Down on Standing Rock
The armored vehicles used during mass arrests of water protectors last week likely came from a controversial Defense Department program.
Seth Kershner
Voices from the Movement for Native Lives
Advocates talk about the country's "silent, comfortable genocide."
Stephanie Woodard
Native Americans Are Being Killed by Police at a Higher Rate Than Any Other Group
These deaths are rarely covered in the media, but now, Native groups are organizing for justice in a growing Native Lives Matter movement.
Stephanie Woodard
Dump Trump, Defeat Racism and Misogyny, Build the Left
An open letter to the Left
47 Grassroots Organizers
More Than a Protest: Why Voting Green Counts
Jill Stein's campaign manager makes the case for a Green political revolution.
David Cobb
The Execution That Birthed a Movement
Troy Davis' death on Sept. 21, 2011, transformed Occupy and kindled Black Lives Matter.
Jen Marlowe and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
In Milwaukee, a History of Racist Violence Fuels Mistrust of the Police Department
A recent shooting recalls the decades of abuse inflicted on the city's African-American community by police.
Flint Taylor
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