Black Lives Matter

The Art of Disobedience
From the Black Panthers to Ferguson, finding a U.S. history we can be proud of.
Abby Lynn Klinkenberg
Racist Blowback Against Colin Kaepernick Isn’t Just About Him: It’s Aimed at Black Resistance Itself
We refuse to apologize for fighting for our freedom.
Keedra Gibba
In 2028 Olympics, L.A. Residents See a Police State on Steroids
Community groups are torching the city’s Olympic plans.
Leighton Woodhouse
Police Union Fought Reforms To Address Sexual Assault by Officers
An examination of lobbying records shine a light on the behind-the-scenes clout of the Fraternal Order of Police.
Adeshina Emmanuel
White Supremacist Violence Is All Too American
Whenever Black Americans make advances, they face a torrent of racist backlash.
Robert Greene II
The Reverend Who Preached Against Hate While Nazis Marched on Her
Why Rev. Traci Blackmon went to Charlottesville.
Elizabeth Adetiba
“Not Here, Not in My Town”: Charlottesville Black Lives Matter on Why We Must All Resist Fascism
A member of Black Lives Matter argues we must not ignore white supremacy: We must actively oppose it.
Sarah Lazare
Language of the Unheard: 50 Years On, the Flames of the Detroit Uprising Still Burn
The structural injustices that laid the groundwork for Detroit’s uprising still exist.
In These Times Staff
We Are In the Midst of a Black Power Renaissance
Under Trump, we are seeing a return to collective Black consciousness.
Salim Muwakkil
The Police State Can Come After Trump Protesters, But It Can’t Make Them Cooperate
Facing up to 75 years in prison, 135 Inauguration Day protesters are refusing to collaborate with the prosecution.
Sarah Lazare
Squatters’ 60-Year War Against Private Property
How propertied classes team up with the state to forcibly evict urban squatters.
Margaret Garb
“I Question America”: On Juneteenth, Remembering Fannie Lou Hamer’s Testimony About Racist Brutality
Hamer’s speech to the 1964 Democratic National Convention still rings true.
In These Times Staff
Done Waiting for the Mule: Black Activists Seek To Occupy 40 Acres of Land this Juneteenth
In cities across the country, organizers for "Black Land and Liberation" are preparing to reclaim vacant spaces.
Aviana Willis
Capitalism Is Built on the Backs of Black Women
By consigning Black women to low-paid care work, a new report shows, racialized capitalism is continuing the legacy of slavery.
Sarah Lazare
A New Mother’s Day Tradition: Fighting for Moms Behind Bars
Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to join the growing movement to support—and to free—incarcerated mothers.
Elizabeth Adetiba
MLK Called for a “Radical Revolution of Values.” The Movement for Black Lives Delivers One.
50 years ago today, King blasted militarism, racism and poverty in his "Beyond Vietnam" speech. The new Beyond the Moment campaign carries forward his radical vision.
Barbara Ransby
Resister’s Digest: Sputtering Congress Takes a Break. The Resistance Gears Up.
Protests, town halls and other events are scheduled for this recess.
Theo Anderson
Interviews for Resistance: A Democratic Socialist on Running to Transform the Democratic Party
A candidate for city council in South Fulton, Georgia, talks about running for local office as a way to infiltrate and transform the Democratic Party.
Sarah Jaffe
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