December 2013 Volume 37, Issue 12

The Social Movement Romance
Progressives can't let a love affair with social movements distract them from electoral politics.
Joel Bleifuss
The Hypocritical Oath: Make a Healthy Profit
Practitioners of both traditional and alternative medicine rake in cash from the credulous.
Terry J. Allen
Syrian Artists Pick Up the Pieces
Refugees find safety and inspiration in Beirut.
Alberto Mucci
The Problem with ‘Brogrammers’
Why is Silicon Valley so stubbornly white and male?
Rebecca Burns
Berlin, a Favourite Once Again
In Berlin's renewed popularity, what has been forgotten?
Jane Miller
E Pluribus Turkey
We're obsessed with debunking Thanksgiving.
John Eicher
The Spooks Next Door
How suburbia emerged alongside America's covert foreign interventions.
Margaret Garb
California Protects Wage-Theft Whistleblowers
A newly passed bill is especially crucial for undocumented workers.
Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul
The Beats Go On
Counter-culture badassery is back in Kill Your Darlings.
Michael Atkinson
Kaua’i Says No to GMOs
Activists celebrate a victory in the fight against GMOs and pesticide use.
Tracey Pollock
The Age of Amazon
Has Jeff Bezos thrust us into a nightmare version of a consumer utopia?
Chris Lehmann
How Cuba’s Bitter Sons Shut Down the U.S. Government
In Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the Tea Party found the perfect pawns.
Achy Obejas
The War on the Gullible
75 years after the 'War of the Worlds' broadcast, Americans are still panicked by fake news.
Susan J. Douglas
A Different Kind of Shutdown
What if progressives took a page from the Tea Party?
Bhaskar Sunkara

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