May 2017 Volume 41, Issue 05

How To Resist, in 6 Books
Your guide to the guides to the resistance.
Kate Aronoff
The Scrooges in Charge
From refugees to healthcare, Theresa May's policies are paranoid and mean-spirited.
Jane Miller
This Could Be Reparations’ Best Chance Since 1865
Black activist groups across the political spectrum are uniting behind reparations.
Salim Muwakkil
Should Democratic Socialists Be Democrats?
Democratic Socialists of America members debate how—and to what extent—socialists should engage with electoral politics.
Chris Maisano and Jessie Mannisto
Single Payer in the Golden State
The fight for Medicare for all goes to California.
Joel Bleifuss
Hulu’s Brilliant Adaptation of “The Handmaid’s Tale” Says More About Our Present Than Our Future
For many marginalized women, dystopia is already here.
Jessica Stites
Chokwe Antar Lumumba Mounts a Political Revolution in Jackson, Mississippi
The upcoming mayoral race pits a radical future against the neoliberal status quo.
Matthew Cunningham-Cook
How Trump’s Arts and Research Cuts Hurt His Supporters
Trump's budget poses a particular threat to those who voted for him.
Susan J. Douglas
Sorry, Charter Boosters: Record Numbers of Teachers at Chicago Charter Schools Are Organizing Unions
Unionized teachers can help keep charter administrations accountable to their workers—and to students.
Micah Uetricht
The Elusive Emily Dickinson
A new film explores the poet's restless mind and lonely life.
Michael Atkinson
Our New Philanthropic Overlords
Why the donor class loves charter schools—and themselves.
Chris Lehmann
#WorkYourOssoff: Thousands of Georgia Volunteers Sign On To Flip a Red District Blue
Grassroots progressives are powering Jon Ossoff's campaign in the first contested congressional race of the Trump era.
Beth Maschinot

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