June 2017 Volume 41, Issue 06

The Return of Nunsploitation
Jeff Baena’s The Little Hours is a clever update on Boccaccio's The Decameron.
Michael Atkinson
Turning Capital Against Capitalism
Experiments in funding an equitable economy.
Chris Merriam
Jeremy Corbyn’s Judgment Day
The June 8 election is critical for Labour's future.
Jane Miller
The Entire Public Sector Is About to Be Put on Trial
The Right's assault on public-sector workers is an assault on the public sector itself.
Naomi Walker
Don’t Mine What’s Ours
How a public-lands populism can fight Trump and the GOP.
Dayton Martindale
How the Threat of Apocalypse Justifies American Empire
A new book argues that in the military's hands, warnings of world's end become self-fulfilling prophecies.
Chris Lehmann
War Profiteering Ain’t Physics
Even Trump can't buck the iron law of U.S. foreign policy: Follow the money.
Leonard C. Goodman
When the Bankers Took Manhattan: Austerity’s New York Roots
The new book Fear City documents the slide of New York City from vibrant social democracy to neoliberal abyss.
Moe Tkacik
Another War, Another Blitzerkrieg
It's time to question CNN's decades of enthusiastic war coverage.
Susan J. Douglas
The Folk Singer vs. the Millionaire: A Berniecrat Aims for Montana’s House Seat
Rob Quist's House campaign draws on Montana's populist spirit.
Joseph Bullington
The Milquetoast Militants of Showtime’s “Guerrilla”
The protagonists' middle-class naiveté rolls off them in waves.
Eileen Jones

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