January 2018 Volume 42, Issue 01

Meet the Chicagoans Who Are Opening Their Homes to Abortion-Seekers
Right-wing lawmakers are restricting abortion access. These volunteers are expanding it.
Veronica Arreola
A Brief Case for Prison Abolition
We know prisons are racist, classist and abusive. Are they also obsolete?
Dayton Martindale
The Uncolonized Mind: An Iraqi-American Artist Explores Memory, Star Wars and Bad Translations
Michael Rakowitz on his latest exhibition.
Tamara Nassar
Beyond Vibrator Feminism
Orgasms will not set us free.
Jessa Crispin
How To Catch a Wage Thief
Day laborers in Denver are tracking down runaway employers.
Gigi Sukin
The Self-Help Guru Who Shaped Trump’s Worldview
How the commander-in-chief succumbs to the perils of positive thinking.
Chris Lehmann
Emmett Till’s Cousin on Why Mississippi’s Flag Is Still Racist
Edelia “Dr. Jay” Carthan is at the forefront of a movement to remove the Confederate “stars and bars.”
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank
The Specter Haunting Infowars
The new documentary A Gray State, executive produced by Werner Herzog, explores a murder-suicide that has become a far-right obsession.
Michael Atkinson
You’re a Sad Man, Jerry Brown
At the U.N. climate change Conference in Bonn, Jerry Brown couldn’t shake his hecklers.
Kate Aronoff
Establishment Democrats Lack the Will to Fight the GOP Tax Plan. It’s Time for an Alternative.
To fend off the Republicans' one-sided class war, we must break the corporate hold on the Democratic Party.
Joel Bleifuss
Alaska Grassroots Alliance Aim To Melt GOP’s Cold Cold Heart
Armed with hot cocoa and a smile, these progressives have spent all year protesting Trump-era policies.
Yereth Rosen

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