December 2017 Volume 41, Issue 12

Defending the Land, 50 Feet in the Air
Meet the tree-sitters fighting the Mariner East 2 Pipeline.
Jen Deerinwater
Lauren Greenfield’s Look at the Children of the New Gilded Age
The creator of The Queen of Versailles on the “hamster wheel of wanting more and more.”
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank
Building an Alternative to Capitalism From the Ground Up
A primer on the solidarity economy.
Dayton Martindale
Viewing the USSR Through Red-Tinted Glasses
The writings of Svetlana Alexievich cut through the fog of propaganda surrounding the Soviet Union.
Jane Miller
Trial by Peace Circle: How a Chicago Community Is Pursuing Jail-Free Justice
West Side residents are creating alternatives to traditional, punitive courts.
Sarah Conway
What a Century-Old Socialist Newspaper Can Teach Us About the Left
Inside Appeal to Reason, the paper that inspired In These Times
Sharon Carson
The Pope May Speak About Climate Justice, But in L.A., the Church Leases Land to an Oil Company
Oil and holy water don’t mix.
Charles Davis
Celebrate the 40th Birthday of the Combahee River Collective Statement
Essential books by radical women of color—Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Barbara Ransby, Gloria Anzaldúa, Cherríe Moraga, Ida B. Wells and more.
In These Times Staff
The Sunshine State’s Still Berning: Bringing the Political Revolution to Miami
Tomas Kennedy and the rise of South Beach socialism.
Rob Wile
The Personal Is Not Always Political
The problem with the media’s individualistic response to collective tragedy.
Leon Fink
Trump Must Go
We can’t have an out-of-control president with a finger on the button.
Joel Bleifuss

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