February 2018 Volume 42, Issue 02

The Abyss of Motherhood
A tightrope walk without a safety net.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
The Right To Mother and Do Sex Work
In custody battles, sex workers face trial by slut-shaming
Carrie Weisman
From Sewer Socialism to Server Socialism: Appalachia’s Internet Revolution
Chattanoogans are pioneering public broadband.
Chris Brooks
The Caribou in the Copper Mine
Mining companies seek to carve up Native lands and wildlife habitat to build a $350 million access road.
Yereth Rosen
Kara Walker and the Missing Pages of the History Books
Artist Kara Walker uses visual disruption to restore the significance of Black experiences to the Civil War’s legacy.
Micco Caporale
Your Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Matter (Unless You’re Michael Bloomberg)
Consumption shaming is bad science—and bad politics.
Kate Aronoff
A Socialist Case for Curbing Consumption To Stop Climate Change
Combating extractive capitalism is crucial. So is taking the bus.
Dayton Martindale
Does the Natural World Needs Its Own Bill of Rights?
Why environmentalists are working to grant rivers and mountains legal status.
Dayton Martindale
A Year On, Trump Admin Refuses to Drop Charges Against 59 Arrested at Inauguration Protest
The government isn't arguing that the defendants damaged property, but that their presence at the protest makes them guilty.
Patrick Corley
The 38 Dakota Warriors Lincoln Hanged
Native riders commemorate a forgotten massacre.
Justin Perkins
Best Books of 2017: In These Times Staff and Reader Picks
From Naomi Klein to Roxane Gay, the reads that made 2017 bearable.
In These Times Staff
Centrist Think Tanks Won’t Save Our Cities
Economic democracy must come from below.
Gar Alperovitz
Democrats Can’t Win By Courting Conservative White Voters
It’s time to follow the lead of Black grassroots organizers.
James Thindwa

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