April 2018 Volume 42, Issue 04

From Harriet Tubman to Black Panther
An artist speaks on heroism in the Black community.
Madiha Hussaini
For Cowboy Poets, One Topic is Taboo
They love the land. But few at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering want to talk about how climate change is ravaging the West.
Carson Vaughan
How a 19th-Century Absurdist Playwright Accidentally Predicted Trump
Ubu Roi is newly relevant, thanks to our president.
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank
Bernie’s Platform Could Win in Maryland’s Gov. Race, With Support From Clinton Voters
Former NAACP President Ben Jealous is building a broad coalition of progressives to take out a popular GOP governor in Maryland.
Bruce Vail
Drink Your Coffee Black-Owned
A cooperative Atlanta cafe is step one toward an alternative to white capitalism.
Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
Working Night and Day, for 1,000 Years
A new book tells the hidden history of work—on and off the job.
Joanna Scutts
Environmentalists Are Teaming Up With Immigrant Rights Activists To Stop Trump’s Border Wall
In South Texas, a community rallies to protect both its wildlife and residents.
Yvonne S. Marquez
A West Virginia Candidate Got Kicked out the Capitol for Calling Out Big Oil. She’s Not Sorry.
Lissa Lucas thinks we need politicians who aren’t taking their marching orders from corporations.
Sasha Kramer
The Colonial Roots of Gun Culture
The origins of the U.S. gun obsession lie in the violent dispossession of Native Americans.
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Guns Have Always Been Vital to Black Political Struggle
From slave revolts to self-defense, Black revolutionary history is often ignored in the gun control conversation.
Charles Cobb Jr.
We Can Fight for Gun Control Without Locking People Up
Solutions rooted in policing and prisons just contribute to a culture of violence.
Daniel Denvir

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