May 2018 Volume 42, Issue 05

Say It Ain’t Joe: Why Anointing Biden for 2020 Is a Terrible Idea
When will the Democrats learn that Americans don’t want centrism?
Joel Bleifuss
What Noam Chomsky Got Right About NAFTA
In 1994, writing for In These Times, Noam Chomsky predicted the trade deal would cause “rural misery and a surplus of labor” and “the fading of meaningful and democratic processes.”
In These Times Editors
Universal Basic Income: A Primer
Here’s why everyone’s demanding free money from the government.
Dayton Martindale
This Sheriff Was Booted by DHS for Racism. Now Trump Wants To Enlist Him in Deportations.
A North Carolina sheriff’s office had a “pattern of racial profiling,” but that hasn’t stopped Trump’s ICE from inviting it into the 287(g) program.
Jordan Green
This Union Nurse and Outspoken Progressive Could Become Iowa’s Next Governor
Cathy Glasson is running an insurgent campaign on a platform of Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage and ending “right to work” laws.
Theo Anderson
These Community Activists Won Bail Reform. Now They Have To Force Judges To Comply.
Thousands of people still sit in Chicago’s Cook County Jail because they are too poor to afford bail.
Alex V. Hernandez
A Middle America You’ll Never See in the Coastal Media
The micro-comics in John Porcellino’s From Lone Mountain show a way of life the media largely ignores.
Jessa Crispin
Tariffs Aren’t the Best Way To Protect U.S. Steelworkers. Global Solidarity Is.
Defending workers' rights will mean standing with fellow laborers in China and the Global South. Trump's tariffs aren't the answer.
Katy Fox-Hodess
A Pro-Union Case for Steel Tariffs
United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard on how tariffs could benefit American workers.
Leo Gerard, United Steelworkers President
How Tariffs Are Playing Into Trump’s Xenophobic Agenda
Trump's anti-China protectionism and "free trade" neoliberalism are both dead ends. To confront multinational corporate power, the answer is global solidarity.
Tobita Chow
An Ode to Sharp-Tongued Women, From Dorothy Parker to Susan Sontag
Michelle Dean’s new book Sharp profiles brilliant and creative women who fought sexism, but, by and large, did not identify with the feminist movement.
Laura Tanenbaum
Barbara Ehrenreich Calls BS on the Immortality Industry
In her new book, Natural Causes, the author reminds us that we can't cheat death -- although we can die trying.
Jane Miller

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