February 2019 Volume 43, Issue 02

There’s a Vanishing Resource We’re Not Talking About
Humans are losing our cultural diversity even faster than we're destroying the planet. Yet that diversity could be key to surviving environmental extremes.
Jessica Stites
This Community Built a Democratically Controlled Water System. Now They Have To Defend It.
Across El Salvador, water rights are under threat from corrupt politicians and corporations.
Christine MacDonald
A Tax the Rich Can’t Avoid
New income is only a fraction of their fortunes—we need to target their wealth.
In These Times Editors
Emigrating From the U.S. May Be the Only Way To Afford Eldercare
A nursing home for my mother in Germany would cost less than half of what she pays in Sacramento.
Elizabeth Zach
Black Lives Matter. Do Elections?
Barbara Ransby profiles today’s Black freedom fighters, who are posing sophisticated new answers to old Left questions—like how to engage in electoral politics.
Frances Fox Piven
Racism After the First Black President
The GOP has become viciously racist, while Democrats follow Obama’s lead in skirting the issue.
James Thindwa
Millennials Are Ruining Trust Funds
Through the organization Resource Generation, wealthy young people are giving away their money to advance systemic change.
Andrew Schwartz
Why Government Spending Can’t Turn the U.S. Into Venezuela
When poor countries fall prey to inflation, it’s not because they’re “too socialist.”
Fadhel Kaboub
There Are Limits to Government Spending, But We Haven’t Reached Them Yet
Max B. Sawicky
Yes, the Federal Government Can Just Print Money
The U.S. government can dramatically increase spending without raising taxes.
Pavlina R. Tcherneva
Top 10 Strangest (and Most Beautiful) Films of 2018
The best films of the year explore the hollowness of contemporary Korean culture, faith in an era of climate change, the last frantic day in the life of a Hollywood director and more.
Michael Atkinson
After Youth Activists Storm Their Offices, 13 More House Members Agree To Support a Green New Deal
Thirty-five representatives now support the ambitious climate agenda, but many Democrats refuse to commit.
Amanda Palleschi

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