January 2019 Volume 43, Issue 01

How Capitalism Turned Women Into Witches
Sylvia Federici’s new book explains how violence against women was a necessary precondition for capitalism.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
These Mexican Artists Are Transforming Weapons Into Instruments
Prominent Mexican Artists Carla Fernández and Pedro Reyes address gun violence and ways to sustain Indigenous culture in their collaborative exhibit.
Dirce Toca
A Left Sub-caucus in Congress Could Help Push Medicare for All
Back in 1991, Bernie Sanders helped create the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Now, a sub-caucus within the CPC could help rally the progressive Left.
In These Times Staff
What the Civil War Can Teach Us About Trying to Compromise With Trump
A new history of the antebellum period shows us how remaining moderate can mean letting human rights violations drag on for far too long.
Phyllis Eckhaus
What If Everyone Got $100 To Donate to the Candidate of Their Choice?
Democracy vouchers, explained,
In These Times Editors
States Can Break Up Big Banks. Here’s How.
A healthy economy has no need for mega-banks.
Dave Kamper
Here’s How Blue States Can Pave the Way for Medicare for All
Democrats were elected on promises of affordable healthcare. This is what states can do even under Trump.
David Dayen
Our Freshwater Emergency Is Worse Than You Think
How blue state governors can address a sprawling national water crisis.
Laura Orlando
Jailed by an Algorithm
Algorithms that are supposed to remove sentencing bias may perpetuate racism instead, say civil rights groups.
Nick Muscavage
We Got a Blue Wave, But We Can Win So Much More—If We Mobilize Now
This fight is for civilization’s survival—one that will require the mobilization not seen since the civil rights movement.
Joel Bleifuss
“Words Can’t Articulate the Joy”: Wisconsin Workers Celebrate Scott Walker’s Defeat
As thrilling as defeat of an archenemy may be, activists here take nothing for granted.
Kathy Wilkes
In Roma, Alfonso Cuarón Zooms in on Class Tensions
Set in early 1970s Mexico, a new film explores the life of a domestic worker in a middle-class family.
Ilan Stavans

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