March 2019 Volume 43, Issue 03

Indigenous Organizers Halted Plans for Oil Drilling in the Amazon
Sustained demonstrations in Ecuador got the government to back down—at least for now.
Kimberley Brown
Street Art Used To Be the Voice of the People. Now It’s the Voice of Advertisers.
Corporations like Red Bull and Stella Artois are co-opting graffiti art.
Christine MacDonald
Feminism in the Age of Precarity
An interview with historian Alice Kessler-Harris on how the past 30 years have changed women’s workplace demands.
Joanna Scutts
Not Here To Behave: What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Shirley Chisholm Have in Common
Like Shirley Chisholm and Ella Baker, when candidates like Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib enter the halls of power, they bring their people with them.
Barbara Ransby
How Third Way Democrats Could Get Trump Re-elected
The New Democracy PAC and other centrist groups want you to learn all the wrong lessons from 2016.
Joel Bleifuss
It’s Not Enough To Elect Progressives—Movements Must Have a Role in Governing
Candidates must treat us not as voters to be won but as partners.
Lizeth Chacon
Lots of Presidential Candidates Talk a Good Talk. Look at Their Records Instead.
It’s the only way to tell who actually means what they say.
Nathan Robinson
Why We Should Believe Campaign Promises
Candidates may not truly believe everything they say. But we can get them to follow through on it anyway.
Theo Anderson
Good Riddance to Rahm Emanuel
An enemy of the people since 1998.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
What the Yellow Vests Have in Common with Occupy
Inside the mass protests that are rocking France.
Cole Stangler
Volunteers Convicted for Leaving Water Out for Migrants
“I didn’t understand that humanitarian aid was criminal,” said Zaachila Orozco.
Todd Miller

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