Black Lives Matter

Chicago Police Tortured Dozens of Black Men. Now, Victims Are Demanding Reparations.
Momentum is growing for a bill to finally help heal the wounds of years of torture of black men by the Chicago Police Department.
F. Amanda Tugade
When Police ‘Reforms’ Only Legitimize Police Abuses
The proposed policing reforms in response to the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner won't lessen police violence against communities of color. In fact, they may actually make it worse.
Michael Collins
A Short History of Killer Cops Let Off the Hook
The U.S. has a long history of allowing police to walk free after vicious racist violence.
Flint Taylor
Whether Darren Wilson Is Indicted or Not, the Entire System Is Guilty
An indictment of the Ferguson police officer who killed Michael Brown would not prove that black lives matter in America.
Mariame Kaba
Jon Burge, Torturer of Over 100 Black Men, Is Out of Prison After Less Than Four Years
Chicago's notorious former police commander is released from prison. A human rights lawyer representing police torture victims responds.
Flint Taylor
Chicago’s Cop Watchers
Youth stand up to police violence.
Kari Lydersen
Policing After Ferguson
Can we stop the brutality?
Jessica Stites
From Watts to Ferguson
The riot is still 'the language of the unheard.'
Rick Perlstein
The Tamale Underground
Street vendors must skirt the law to make a living.
Rebecca Burns
After Ferguson, It’s Clear Cops Need Policing
Dan Staggs
Scenes From Ferguson We Must Not Overlook
As Ferguson's story continues to unfold, the images from those on the ground paint a haunting picture.
John Michael Davis
‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’: A National Moment of Silence for Mike Brown
Ethan Corey
Confronting Chicago’s Tortured Past
Ana Martinez
Chicago’s Hidden Stop-and-Frisk
A lack of data makes police profiling difficult to prove in Chicago, but the arrest of two Latino outreach workers suggests it's alive and well.
Kari Lydersen
Post-Occupy, #myNYPD Makes New York’s Blood Boil
As Occupier Cecily McMillan stands trial, the city's 99% rediscovers its anger toward the NYPD.
Sarah Jaffe
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