Black Lives Matter

Free Speech In an Age of Campus Protest
How the media can work for, and against, the wave of anti-racist actions by students
Jill Hopke
I Saw Disturbing Racism at Yale After 9/11. Sadly, It Seems Little Has Changed.
When will our universities stop treating students of color as throwaway items in the grooming of privileged white students?
Saqib Bhatti
Fewer Police, Safer Communities?
The tension between safety from police and safety from crime
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
20 Years After the Million Man March, Louis Farrakhan Can Still Draw A Crowd—And Make Media Uneasy
The 82-year old Nation of Islam leader filled the National Mall in October. Why didn't the media take much notice?
Salim Muwakkil
Black Lives Matter Activists Declare Solidarity with Palestine
The statement revives the internationalism of the '60s and '70s, when black activists saw themselves as part of a global fight against Western colonialism
Salim Muwakkil
From Hashtag to Strategy: The Growing Pains of Black Lives Matter
Movement activists discuss strategy and tactics in #BlackLivesMatter.
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Meet the Group of African-American Organizers Building Black Support for Bernie Sanders
Will grassroots organizing within the black electorate be able to challenge Clinton’s hegemony?
Salim Muwakkil
Freddie Gray Case Set To Be Tried in Baltimore—For Now
The trials of the six officers charged in Gray's death are currently set to begin October 13.
Caitlin Goldblatt
The New Anthems of Resistance: Hip-Hop and Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter and hip-hop have taken the omnipresent tensions around racism in America and put them into the center of mainstream consciousness.
Alexander Billet
A New Poll Has Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary Clinton by 7 Percent in the New Hampshire Primary
New Hampshire seems to be feeling the Bern.
Marc Daalder
A Year Post-Ferguson, the Nation’s Youngest and Boldest Movement Debates Reform vs. Revolution
A firsthand report from Cleveland at the first-ever Movement for Black Lives national strategy session.
Rachelle Hampton
How One Group of Moms Is Keeping the Peace on One of Chicago’s Most Violent Street Corners
The group wants to make one thing clear: Young black men are not the enemy.
Lillian Osborne and Jessica Stites
Our Neo-Confederacy
The flag may be wiped from state grounds and license plates, but its ideals live on in the GOP agenda
Salim Muwakkil
After the Confederate Flags Come Down, Everything Named After Nathan Bedford Forrest Should Be Next
The Confederate general and KKK "grand wizard" belongs on the short list of the most vile white supremacists in American history. Yet parks and monuments in his name can be found throughout the South.
Peter Cole
How Black Lives Matter Has Spread Into a Global Movement to End Racist Policing
The next Baltimore could be somewhere in Europe.
Amien Essif
How Activists Won Reparations for the Survivors of Chicago Police Department Torture
A history of the movement to make Chicago pay for the crimes of former police commander Jon Burge.
Flint Taylor
A Century After Ota Benga’s Captivity, Elites Still Don’t Understand White Supremacy
Over a century after a Congolese man was displayed at the Bronx Zoo monkey exhibit, white elites still stubbornly believe they are benevolent, not supremacist.
Chris Lehmann
Civil Rights: The Next Generation
What happens in Baltimore isn’t going to stay in Baltimore
Martha Biondi
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