March 2017 Volume 41, Issue 03

Slavoj Zizek: We Must Rise from the Ashes of Liberal Democracy
Trump is a threat to global stability—only a new Left international can beat him.
Slavoj Žižek
If Nixon Could Tweet
The similarities between our current president and Tricky Dick don't bode well for the country—or for Trump.
Susan J. Douglas
Brexit From the Side of a Volcano
Contemplating capitalism and democracy in the Canary Islands.
Jane Miller
It’s Not Enough to Fight Trump—Progressives Need a Vision for the Future
Either decorporatize the Democrats or create a viable third party.
Leonard C. Goodman
If the Democratic Party Won’t Take Risks, It’s Up to Us
Now is not the time to play it safe.
Christopher Hass
Is Russia a Red Herring?
A debate over whether the Left should focus on collusion between Trump and Russia.
Chris Edelson and Bhaskar Sunkara
How Today’s White Middle Class Was Made Possible By Welfare
Whites, angered at blacks and immigrants receiving "government handouts," forget they were lifted out of poverty through racially exclusive welfare programs in the 30s.
Margaret Garb
The New York Times Missed Trump’s Biggest Lie
The corporate media is fact-checking our new Liar-in-Chief--but only to a point.
Jim Naureckas
Indivisible: The Left Group Shaking Up Congress From the Grassroots
Coopting Tea Party tactics, former Democratic Congressional staffers provide the Trump resistance with a step-by-step lobbying guide.
Kate Aronoff
George Saunders’ New Novel Follows Abraham Lincoln’s Son to a Buddhist Afterlife
In his first full-length novel, the short story virtuoso weaves U.S. history with the otherworldly.
Chris Lehmann
Asghar Farhadi Is One of the Most Important Directors Working Today—And Trump Has Banned Him
The Iranian filmmaker's masterful, Oscar-nominated The Salesman shows the futility of progressives trying to tolerantly endure repressive regimes.
Michael Atkinson

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