Illinois Prisoners Say They Don’t Have Access to Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Supplies or Soap
Illinois state prisons are a coronavirus time bomb, activists warn.
Sarah Lazare
A Cornered Trump Scapegoats China, Inviting Racist Violence
The right is scrambling to blame China for what Trump calls "the Chinese virus."
Tobita Chow
U.S. Sanctions on Iran Are Increasing Coronavirus Deaths. They Need to Be Stopped Now.
The measures—imposed by Trump with bipartisan complicity—curtail desperately needed medical supplies.
Sarah Lazare
Jane McAlevey: We Desperately Need a Mass Strike Against the Billionaire Class
An interview about politics and power.
Mindy Isser
In Chicago, a Billionaire-Backed Candidate and Police Are Trying To Oust a Progressive Prosecutor
Kim Foxx's office has reduced incarceration rates by nearly 20% and taken major steps toward reform. Now, she's under attack.
Taylor Moore
How Bernie Beat Polling and a Smear Campaign To Win His First National Office
Sanders faced personal attacks and was down 10 points against a moderate Republican. He won.
Branko Marcetic
Bernie Just Laid Out a Humane Approach to Dealing with the Coronavirus. Biden Did Not.
In Sunday’s debate, Sanders made a clear-eyed case for taking the profit motive out of healthcare, while Biden railed against "revolution."
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Why Bernie Must Keep Going: It’s About Our Future
Sanders is down, but he's not out. And he can still help advance a progressive agenda for all of us.
Christopher D. Cook
A Union Nurse and Tenant Activist Eyes the New York Assembly
A conversation with Phara Souffrant Forrest.
Maximillian Alvarez
The U.S.-Taliban Deal Won’t Bring Real Peace, But It Could Reduce the Bloodshed
Withdrawing even some of the U.S. troops, planes, drones and bombers from Afghanistan will reduce the killing.
Phyllis Bennis
We Need a Truth and Reconciliation Process for the Trump Era
When the post-Trump moment comes, there will be a temptation to turn the page. Instead, we need deep reflection.
K. Sabeel Rahman
Why People From Around the World Have Volunteered for Bernie Sanders
"It affects all of us," says Arturo, a volunteer who hails from Spain.
Gabe Levine-Drizin
Despite His Losses, Bernie Sanders’ Agenda Is Winning
While Sanders lost in Michigan and other states, exit polls show voters want Medicare for All, an economic transformation and a nominee who will run on a progressive platform. Those demands aren’t going anywhere.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
CNN’s Coverage of Sanders Was 3X More Negative Than Biden Following Their Big Primary Wins
A tale of two media narratives.
Juan Caicedo and Sarah Lazare
A Feminism for the Working Class
In 1999, Barbara Ehrenreich charged the feminist movement with advancing only "educated, middle-class women." Her critique is more pertinent than ever.
Indigo Olivier
Time is short. We need you now.
Mindy Isser
How Bernie’s Strategy of Building Relationships with Young People and Latinos Paid Off in California
Inside the campaign's California organizing strategy.
Nuala Bishari
The Democratic Establishment Is Trying to Crush Bernie Sanders, But It Hasn’t Stopped Him
While the Democratic Party’s corporate wing helped Biden gain on Super Tuesday, Sanders’ left-wing vision is still popular—and can still win.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
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