August 2017 Volume 41, Issue 08

At the Bullfrog, Those Left Behind by the Global Economy Find Relief—and a Place to Talk Trump
In a Jamestown, N.Y., hotel and bar, down-and-out former factory workers seek solidarity and camaraderie—often expressed in shared rants about immigrants or liberals.
Kari Lydersen
The White-Supremacist Roots of America’s Libertarian Right
The history of Koch-style libertarian economics is steeped in racism.
Chris Lehmann
How a Maryland Town Is Turning Its New Deal Past Into a New Economy Present
Greenbelt residents are organizing cooperatives and other community initiatives aimed at building a better world.
Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
Why Toxic Masculinity Hurts Men as Well as Women
Feminists and progressives need to highlight toxic masculinity's poisonous effects on not just the marginalized, but men as well.
Susan J. Douglas
We Are In the Midst of a Black Power Renaissance
Under Trump, we are seeing a return to collective Black consciousness.
Salim Muwakkil
The Abolitionist of Walden Pond
Two hundred years after his birth, Henry David Thoreau is as relevant as ever.
Dayton Martindale
We Have an Existential Imperative to Resist GOP Death Panels
The casualties of the war on health are real and imminent, not a hyperbolic exaggeration.
Joel Bleifuss
Sorry, Tories: Jeremy Corbyn’s Success Is a Win for the Anti-Austerity Movement
British progressives have a long fight ahead. But for now, we're breathing a collective sigh of relief.
Jane Miller
Beta Testing Fascism: How Online Culture Wars Created the Alt-Right
Angela Nagle's "Kill All Normies" charts the ideology's emergence from the internet's darkest corners.
John Michael Colón
Okja: The Veggie-Prop Children’s Film You Really Need to See
The director of Snowpiercer is back with a kiddie film that meets vegetarian propaganda, with surprising success.
Michael Atkinson

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