July 2018 Volume 42, Issue 07

Trump’s Heartless Honduras Policy, in 15 Numbers
By revoking Temporary Protected Status (TPS), the Trump administration is sending Honduran immigrants back to a nation in crisis.
Sasha Kramer
Turning Abandoned Gold Mines Into Wheelchair Paths
How a motley alliance of hippies and hillbillies transformed a California mining town.
Stephanie Sauer
A Brief Case for Cancelling All Student Loan Debt
It isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s smart economics.
In These Times Editors
An Indigenous Cooperative Is Dodging Bullets To Defend Their Land
In Cuetzalan, Mexico, environmentalists are risking their lives to fight destructive energy projects.
Ethan Bien
Oliver North Is Still Running Arms
North, the NRA’s new president, seems to always turn up when dictatorship looms.
Joel Bleifuss
Jobs Guarantee or Universal Basic Income? Why Not Both?
Neither is a silver bullet, but they can help us tackle inequality and climate change.
Alyssa Battistoni
Disaster Capitalism Strikes Puerto Rico’s Schools
The government’s plan to close 179 public schools and open charters has residents alarmed.
Hannah Wiley
Do We Need a Universal Basic Income? A Debate.
Getting free money from the government is popular. But would it prop up capitalism?
Matt Bruenig
Do We Need a Federal Jobs Guarantee? A Debate.
Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders have all proposed a job guarantee. But would it be drudgery?
Rohan Grey & Raúl Carrillo
In Yellowstone, Heavy Lies the Stetson (on Kevin Costner’s Head)
Land disputes, water rights, Native sovereignty: Paramount’s new series could hardly be more relevant to today’s West.
Carson Vaughan
Maine Becomes the First State To Test Ranked-Choice Voting
Progressives vote for their favorite candidates without the fear of spoilers.
Julia Conley
Summer Lee’s Plan To Bring Democratic Socialism to Pennsylvania
“That we have not just revolted is crazy to me.”
Mitchell Stewart
It’s Time to Put Israel on Trial
The court of public opinion isn't enough. Israel's leaders should face charges in The Hague.
Joel Bleifuss

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