June 2018 Volume 42, Issue 06

The GOP Wants To Open the American Dream to the Poor, By Taking Away Their Food
By cutting food stamps and instituting work-for-food requirements, Republicans say they are creating a land of opportunity.
Joel Bleifuss
We’re Still Locking Up the Mentally Ill
When the only prescription is jail time.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Before Bernie, There Was Jesse
For a brief moment 30 years ago, it looked like our first black president would be the leader of a multiracial working-class coalition.
Salim Muwakkil
Big Coal Is Using This Small Oklahoma Town as a Toxic Waste Dump
Now residents are fighting back.
Valerie Vande Panne
Why Keith Ellison and Jeremy Corbyn Think We Should Cap CEO Pay
Does it make sense for a boss to earn more than 200 times what a worker does? The case for a maximum wage.
Dayton Martindale
At the University of Montana, You Must Pass an Anti-Rape Test Before You Register
After Jon Krakauer exposed a rape epidemic, the university embarked on a radical experiment in stopping sexual assault.
Gabriel Furshong
Does Post-Human Mean Part-Plant? A Look Inside a Fungal Utopia.
An artist asks what becoming one with nature could look like.
Sasha Kramer
How a Wave of New Voters Could Take Out Scott Walker in 2018
Thanks to increased voter registration efforts, Democrats may be able to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this fall.
Michael Leon
Want To Know How To Fix Facebook? Listen to Black Twitter.
For years, Black people have been the canaries in the coal mine for social media abuses.
Kimberly C. Ellis
Inside the Closed Facebook Groups Where the Teacher Strikes Began
How Facebook helped make the wave of teachers’ strikes possible.
Lois Weiner
We’re All Zucked
Tepid regulations aren’t enough to break Facebook’s hold on our personal data.
Jacob Silverman
Serfdom in the Magic Kingdom: Disney Workers Rise Up Against Poverty Wages
The happiest place on earth pays so little that some of its workers are homeless.
Bryce Covert
These Statistics Show Why Gazans Are Risking Their Lives To Protest Israel
The humanitarian crisis and the current death toll.
Sasha Kramer
Zora Neale Hurston’s Lost Work Couldn’t Come at a Better Time
In Barracoon, published 58 years after her death, the Harlem Renaissance writer interviews the last known survivor of a slave ship.
Lauren Michele Jackson
Why This Iraq War Vet Is Speaking Out Against Trump’s Reckless Foreign Policy
To expand the anti-war movement, Maggie Martin is connecting struggles against U.S. militarism at home and abroad.
Tanner Howard

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