August 2018 Volume 42, Issue 08

When the “Cure” for Homosexuality Is Torture
Ecuador led the way on LGBTQ rights, but abusive “gay cure” clinics persist.
Kimberley Brown
Why Dreams of Striking It Rich Are Actually Anti-Capitalist
The quest for buried treasure is a quest to escape the market.
David Anthony
At the World Bank’s Climate Summit, Financiers Trade Carbon While the World Burns
At “Innovate4Climate,” the people destroying the planet gather to congratulate themselves on their climate efforts.
Kate Aronoff
On the Complexities of Calling 911, Even in Cases of Sexual Violence
A police abolitionist and anti-rape advocate explains why involving the police doesn't always ensure safety.
Alisa Bierria
There’s Nothing New About Not Calling the Cops
Communities of color have long led the way in reducing reliance on police—because they have to.
Benji Hart
Shaming White People for Calling the Cops Is Just the First Step
Next, we have to reduce our reliance on police.
Derecka Purnell
Locking Up Immigrant Kids, Again
Our nation's past treatment of immigrant families doesn’t make the current situation any less horrifying—but we need it to inform our longterm pressure on the Democrats.
Jessica Stites
From Italy to Hungary, the Trumps of Europe Are Rising to Power
The leader of Italy’s far right, an admirer of Trump, has suggested a “mass cleansing” of Roma.
Joel Bleifuss
Rural America
A New Native-Led Strategy for Fighting Keystone XL
At a June corn-planting ceremony, the Ponca Tribe took ownership of land in the pipeline’s path.
Justin Perkins
Araby: A Road Movie Driven By Economic Necessity, Not Wanderlust
A new film follows a working-class everyman through the margins of Brazilian capitalism.
Michael Atkinson
Sorry To Bother You Is the Anti-Capitalist Black Comedy We’ve Been Waiting For
Boots Riley’s new film shows how black liberation and labor politics are enmeshed. And it’s funny.
Lauren Michele Jackson
How Portland Occupiers Shut Down ICE
Protesters kept the facility closed for 10 days. Although federal police reopened it June 28, occupiers say, "The camp is not going anywhere."
Arun Gupta

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