October 2017 Volume 41, Issue 10

The Art of Disobedience
From the Black Panthers to Ferguson, finding a U.S. history we can be proud of.
Abby Lynn Klinkenberg
The Cradle-to-Grave Coalition
On funerals and socialist revivals.
Jane Miller
Top Four Reads for the Red Centennial
Books about Bolsheviks.
In These Times Staff
When Green Jobs Come at the Expense of Unions
A declining Rust Belt town turned to wind power—and away from organized labor.
Yana Kunichoff
In 2028 Olympics, L.A. Residents See a Police State on Steroids
Community groups are torching the city’s Olympic plans.
Leighton Woodhouse
Heed the Lesson of 1932: Only Left Unity Can Defeat the Racist Right
We have our differences, but we also have the numbers.
Joel Bleifuss
Where Have All the Communes Gone?
Dusting off the dirty hippie.
Jessa Crispin
Socialism, Coming to a State Fair Near You
Give us funnel cake, but give us roses too.
Rebecca Burns
Single-Payer Healthcare In 5 Minutes Or Less
Everyone is getting behind this prescription for a better healthcare system. But what is it exactly?
Dayton Martindale
How a Small-Town Theater Project Became a Study in Post-Industrial Life
The new documentary Spettacolo captures a Tuscan village’s annual play.
Michael Atkinson
Meet Randall Woodfin, the Mayoral Challenger Bringing the Political Revolution to Birmingham
The 36-year-old city attorney is proposing debt-free community college and reinvestment in Black neighborhoods.
Katherine Webb-Hehn

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