May 2013 Volume 37, Issue 05

Powerball Trip
How a proposal for a socially conscious lottery panicked corporations and birthed the 9-figure jackpot.
Matthew Vaz
Demystifying India
Jane Miller reflects on the end of an empire.
Jane Miller
Can Co-ops Save Unions?
Labor-cooperative partnerships may herald a new strategy for labor--if they can get off the ground.
Rebecca Burns
The Digital Education Divide
Massive Open Online Courses threaten to aggravate the problems they were designed to solve.
Susan J. Douglas
Leaning In While Black
Can Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's manifesto speak to women of color?
Tamara Winfrey Harris
Giant Green Steps
What needs to happen to pass global warming legislation?
Theo Anderson
Suicides Spark Eviction Resistance
In the face of tragedy, Spain's housing movement is gathering steam.
Cathy Bueker
The Gay Old Party
Republicans are waving a white flag in their battle against marriage equality--or is that a rainbow flag?
Achy Obejas
Can We Kiss Internet Privacy Goodbye?
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is moving swiftly again--and this time, Obama's veto is less certain.
Ian Becker
Drone Justice is Blind
There's no way President Obama can fairly review each drone strike.
Leonard C. Goodman
Upstream Color Reinvents Cinema
We've seen the future of film, and it's incomprehensible.
Michael Atkinson
Will the Real Betty Draper Please Stand Up?
In Mad Men's new season, we need the slap-in-the-face Betty back.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle

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