April 2015 Volume 39, Issue 04

The Appeal of the UK’s Radical Right
UKIP is reaching the 'left behind' white working class.
Jane Miller
America’s Tween Soldiers
Middle schoolers: Uncle Sam wants you
Seth Kershner
Condors, Already F*cked, Get Fracked
Expanding fracking in a California condor sanctuary could kill an endangered species we've worked hard--and spent millions--to save.
Hannah Guzik
Is There Anything Wrong with GMOs?
Monsanto is malevolent, but some scientists say Frankenfoods can do good.
Molly Bennet
A Cover Artist, Discovered—40 Years Later
Mingering Mike had all the requisites for a legendary music career, except the music.
Chris Lehmann
Obamacare and Its Discontents
Steven Brill's new book outlines the shortcomings, as well as the accomplishments, of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.
Adam Gaffney
Obama’s Drone Policy Crashes and Burns
Yemen, the poster child for drone-based foreign policy, has collapsed on itself.
Leonard C. Goodman
In Jauja, Cinema Takes on Colonialism, Slowly
Viggo Mortensen and Lisandro Alonso tour Argentina's dark, imperialist past in a new film.
Michael Atkinson
Keeping a Sharp Eye on Sharpton
Al Sharpton has been labeled a 'Johnny-come-lately' to Hollywood's fight for diversity, and a paid defender of corporate media.
Salim Muwakkil
Big Data Is Watching You
The hidden price of Google, Twitter and Facebook.
Joanna Scutts
A New Magazine for the 1%
The redesigned New York Times Magazine aims for a global outlook, but comes off as elitist.
Susan J. Douglas
In Mayoral Runoff, Rahm Emanuel’s Corrupt Governance Has Finally Caught Up With Him
It's become increasingly clear to Chicagoans that Rahm Emanuel is out for himself and his rich friends, not for us.
Rick Perlstein

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