Branko Marcetic is a staff writer at Jacobin magazine and a 2019-2020 Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting fellow. He is the author of Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden.

2022 MidtermsViewpoint
The Left Has a Lot to Celebrate After the Surprising Midterm Results
After the midterm elections, more left-wing insurgents are going to the House, Bernie Sanders has two strong allies in the Senate and progressive ballot measures passed everywhere.
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Don’t Look Now But Progressives Are About to Expand Their Ranks in Congress
A lot is uncertain about the midterms, but there's one thing we do know—the House will have the largest left cohort in decades.
The Remarkable and Entirely Underappreciated Achievements of the EPA
The Supreme Court is gutting an agency that has a measurable history of saving lives.
How January 6 Is Being Used to Crush Dissent on the Left
Rather than grapple with the political forces behind the Capitol siege, lawmakers have instead pushed a spate of anti-protest laws across the country.
The Long, Troubling Career of Buffalo's Byron Brown
The career trajectory of Byron Brown is familiar to U.S. cities: a young reformer who took on the city's corrupt establishment—and who soon embodied the very establishment he'd run against.
Republicans Are Using the Capitol Riot as a Trojan Horse to Target the Left
Since January 6, GOP lawmakers across the country have introduced a slew of anti-protest bills.
We Should Cause Trouble, Not Make Nice With Biden
History suggests that it’s not making friends, but making the administration’s life difficult, that gets results for the Left.
Cover Story
How Democrats Won and Lost
And what the surprising results mean for the Left.
Instead of Repeating the Obama Administration, Biden Must Do Better. Here's How.
A successful Biden presidency will require immediately making working people's lives better—and this is where to start.
The Democratic Platform Fight Shows It’s Still Obama’s Party
Bernie Sanders supporters have pushed for progressive priorities in the platform, but the Barack Obama wing of the Democratic establishment is still in the driver’s seat.
The People Who Will Draft the Democratic Platform Have a Conflict of Interest Problem
Next up after the Biden-Sanders task forces? The Democratic platform drafting committee—and progressives have their work cut out for them.
What’s Joe Biden’s Response to Coronavirus? Even He Doesn’t Seem Sure.
Biden's coronavirus response plan doesn't just fall short—it also doesn't match what he's been telling the public.
Jeff Bezos Embodies the Cruel Autocracy of Neoliberal Capitalism
Amazon CEO and richest-man-in-the-world Jeff Bezos wants you to work as much as he does—for one millionth of the pay
How Bernie Beat Polling and a Smear Campaign To Win His First National Office
Sanders faced personal attacks and was down 10 points against a moderate Republican. He won.
Superdelegates Were Designed To Stop a Candidate Like Bernie
Of course the establishment candidates approve of superdelegates—these unelected electors were created precisely to protect the party elite.
Amy Klobuchar Says She Wants to Protect Obamacare—But Has Worked to Undermine It
Klobuchar has sold herself as a pragmatist who will expand healthcare while being “fiscally responsible.” But her record is one of siding with big business.
In His Lies, Joe Biden Is Sounding a Lot Like Trump
While Joe Biden has promised a break from Trumpism, when it comes to his record, the former vice president has shown an utter disregard for the truth.
Buttigieg Is Shocked, Shocked at McKinsey’s Transgressions. But It Was Notorious When He Joined It.
McKinsey was embroiled in a nationwide scandal over helping insurance companies squeeze customers.
Reagan Lives On in Biden
For 40 years, Biden has pushed to cut federal spending. In a recession, don't expect him to prime the pump.
How the Leader of the OAS Became a Right-Wing Hawk—And Paved the Way for Bolivia’s Coup
The Organization of American States is not a neutral arbiter. Just looks at its secretary general, Luis Almagro.
Want More Proof of Corporate Media’s Anti-Bernie Bias? Look at MSNBC’s Democratic Debate.
During the debate and in the spin room, Sanders was treated more like an outsider than a front runner. It’s part of a broader anti-Bernie slant in the “liberal” network’s coverage.
MSNBC Is the Most Influential Network Among Liberals—And It’s Ignoring Bernie Sanders
When the network’s primetime pundits do cover Sanders, they cover him more negatively than they do Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.
Meet the Hawkish Liberal Think Tank Powering the Kamala Harris Campaign
The Center for a New American Security has long pushed Democrats to embrace war and militarism—and it's poised to play an influential role in a future Democratic administration.
Joe Biden Lied His Face Off About the Iraq War
Our score for Biden’s debate performance: 8 million pinocchios.
Elizabeth Warren Is Making a Mistake By Trying to Win Over Democratic Party Elites
If Warren wants to enact “big, structural change,” working within the Democratic Party establishment is a poor strategy.
Kamala Harris Pledged To Halt Fracking. Her Foreign Policy Advisor Wants The Opposite.
If ‘personnel is policy,’ then the choice of Michèle Flournoy suggests a President Harris would expand oil and natural gas extraction.
Joe Biden and the Disastrous History of Bipartisanship
Biden says he wants to bring the parties together. But for 50 years, that's meant the Right winning every time.
Corporate Democrats Have Been in the Driver’s Seat for 30 Years. Not Anymore.
In Tuesday’s debate, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren obliterated the corporate Democratic Party consensus. It’s about damn time.
Joe Biden Didn’t Just Vote for the Iraq Invasion—He Helped Lead the March to War
Biden may run from it today, but he played a critical role in ensuring America’s involvement in the most disastrous foreign policy venture of the 21st century. Here’s how.
Julián Castro’s Troubling Record in San Antonio
While Castro may now boast of his progressive bona fides, his record shows a history of embracing austerity and neoliberal reforms.
Biden and the Obama Admin Are Finally Getting the Reckoning They Deserve
From immigration to tax deals, Thursday night’s debate saw the troubling records of both Biden and the Obama administration put on trial. It’s long overdue.
The DNC’s New Finance Chair Embodies Everything the Left Hates About the Democratic Establishment
It’s not just his past criticisms of Bernie Sanders: Chris Korge has a long history of undermining the party’s progressive wing.
Young Democrats Are Furious Over the DCCC’s Blacklist Punishing Insurgents
At a time of rising energy on the Democrats' left flank, the DCCC is giving a crash course in how to alienate young progressives.
Joe Biden Is Railing Against Hedge Fund Managers, But He Has a Long History of Courting Them
Biden may cast himself as the champion of working people, but he's seeking support from the same financial elite that he chides on the 2020 campaign trail.
Biden Says He’s the Workers’ Candidate, But He Has Worked To Cut Medicare and Social Security
The universal retirement programs are Biden’s go-to sacrificial lambs.
These 2020 Candidates Are the Darlings of Wall Street. The Numbers Are Proof.
Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand are among the top beneficiaries of Wall Street money, despite their rhetoric about regulating the banking industry.
Individuals Working for Wall Street, Private Equity and Big Pharma Love to Donate to Cory Booker
Booker has sworn off corporate PAC contributions, but his biggest donors work in fields whose interests run counter to progressive priorities.
The Media Must Face Up to Its Role in Inflaming a Frenzy Over Russiagate
By claiming Trump was colluding with Putin, media outlets distracted from the president’s overt crimes while escalating tensions with Russia. They should own up to their failures.
Why Is Dianne Feinstein So Opposed to the Green New Deal? Look at Her Family Finances.
Sen. Feinstein has direct financial interests in the same fossil fuel companies that the Green New Deal threatens.
Trump’s Space Force Is No Joke
China, Russia, and the U.S. are already militarizing space. Here’s why that’s dangerous.
Why the DNC’s Superdelegate Reforms Were a Major Victory for the Sanders Wing
From stripping power from superdelegates to enforcing financial oversight, backers of Bernie Sanders scored a number of huge wins at the DNC summer meeting. And they could have a major impact in 2020.
Jonathan Chait Is the Last Person We Should Listen To When It Comes to Trump and Russia
Chait says Russiagate skeptics are foolish. Here's why he's completely wrong.
What the Liberal Establishment Gets Wrong About the Trump-Putin Summit
Charges of treason and other reactionary rhetoric build support for a more confrontational—and dangerous—stance towards Russia.
The NATO Summit Wasn’t a Victory for Trump—It Was a Victory for Militarism
Major media outlets are so focused on Russiagate they are missing the dangerous international military buildup taking place.
What We Can Learn From How Laura Moser Made the Democratic Establishment Sweat
After her campaign was torpedoed by the DCCC, Moser gave the establishment's preferred candidate a run for her money.
The Only Explanation for Why the NRA Has Chosen Oliver North as its New President
The selection of North, a known war criminal, shows that the NRA is fully embracing its role as an extremist right-wing organization.
The DCCC’s Long, Ugly History of Sabotaging Progressives
The latest attacks on left challengers are no fluke: For decades the House Democratic fundraising body has put corporate, big-money interests first.
When It Comes to the Fake News Scourge, Russia Doesn’t Hold a Candle to U.S. Conservative Media
The panic over Russian interference obscures the fact that fake news has always been with us—it’s just been pushed by the American Right.
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